23rd International Management of Technology Annual Conference 2014

Will be held at:
Grand Hyatt Hotel – Washington DC
May 22 – 26, 2014


February 26, 2014

Dear Authors:

Preparation for the IAMOT 2014 conference is going very well. There are over 320 papers and presentations from over 25 countries. I am sure that many of you are busy developing your paper and presentation. Because of numerous requests and given that the conference this year is in May (typically it used to be in March or April), we have changed/ extended the deadlines as follows:

Paper/ Manuscript submission to March 10, 2014
Final Manuscript: on or before April 10, 2014

This will enable authors short of time for one reason or another to upload their contribution.
For those of you who intend to, or have been advised by the reviewers to, have their contribution as presentation only, they need to upload the abstract again as a manuscript in MS word format. Before the title you need to write the following “Presentation Only”. Follow the same manuscript style posted on this website as if it is a paper but had only the abstract as its content. Depending on the size, we may allow uploading your presentation in a later date.

I would like that you all to continue reviewing the conference website periodically as we are posting updates to the activities and events which you may want to participate in.

Looking forward to your active participation in the IAMOT 2014 conference.

Take care,
Yasser Hosni
IAMOT 2014 Co-Chair


More information will be available as the conference date approaches.
Keep visiting this site often for updated information.



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